Reviews for "xStream Fishing"

I seems to have hit an infite loop

Got one perfect throw- maxed the power and angle gauges, hit the boost just right... and now my worm can't come down. He's in orbit! Each bird gives you a little push up, and I'm traveling fast enough that I hit more than enough birds to cancel gravity. $33k and 50km and counting (in about 10 minutes). It's kinda funny. ^_^

Good but a few things...

The rewind needs to be faster, MUCH FASTER, the freeze when you pick up fish is really annoying, and the last is auto fish pick up. Becase of these three factors I was waiting for my worm for 10 min... TY.

Fun game...

This game looks pretty decent, and it kept me going for a while. It seemed very fun but there are glitches that need to be hammered out.

I never got to earn any power ups except the second fishing rod, because, when I bought it, I got a shot that was maxed angle and maxed power, and used a rocket...

The result was a fishing line that snowballed out of control and got stuck flying through the air indefinitely.

I just stopped it as I began this review, with a distance of around 40,000 and about $30,000 stashed up.

Other than that glitch, this game seems to have some good potential, good luck fixing it.

- Sage

The Back button...

The "Back' button in the achievments page doesnt' take me "Back"... And the airborne time is too high, and the water time is too high.


My suggestions
1.Make a button in shop/fishery/achievements "next throw" so as not to return to main screen (waste of time). The same with this pause when you catch sth or hit a bird - makes the game a bit slow so remove it.
2.Add for example line tension parameter (the more fish, shoes you catch, the higher the risk of breaking the line) - upgradable.
3.Add adjustable deep or wide bait (deeper - you could catch rare fish, but in a smaller radius, wide - fish that swim in the upper areas (less $), but in a bigger radious so easier to catch).

Still very good game:)