Reviews for "xStream Fishing"

Nice game, however, it was muuuch too short and too easy.
More upgrades and a wider variety of fish needed!
Maybe there should be different islands which can be unlocked.
At least I had some fun 10 minutes :)

Failed again

You sir have failed twice with balance. at first it went to far (which i personally thought was amazing because it usually takes forever to do that) but now i cant go past 2,000.. and catching the fish is personally boring, you took out the epic part of the game, the flying!!! try again. im upgraded fully yet when i didnt upgrade shit i went farther....


My suggestions
1.Make a button in shop/fishery/achievements "next throw" so as not to return to main screen (waste of time). The same with this pause when you catch sth or hit a bird - makes the game a bit slow so remove it.
2.Add for example line tension parameter (the more fish, shoes you catch, the higher the risk of breaking the line) - upgradable.
3.Add adjustable deep or wide bait (deeper - you could catch rare fish, but in a smaller radius, wide - fish that swim in the upper areas (less $), but in a bigger radious so easier to catch).

Still very good game:)

like the idea

but the gameplay is quite unbalanced. i got one good throw in near the start of the game and it just keeps on going. even now as i write this review its still going, im gonna be able to buy all the upgrades at once..

i do want...

that airborne hook...