Reviews for "xStream Fishing"

It's good, but...

my game kinda got stuck... I was right in the beggining, the hook and bait kept hitting on birds with bags off money, and got stuck into it... getting higher and higher... when I finally gave up on it ever coming down, it was waaaaay over 40.000 meters
Other than that bug, it's a solid game!

Good game

There are some pretty serious bugs that need to be fixed though. I couldn't go back after viewing the achievement page and I had to reload the game again because I couldn't get down from the sky, it just kept bouncing. So I'd say either add a button to cancel your cast and collect whatever you have at that time or take A LOT of things out of the sky.

all i can say is epic dont blam

dont blam it people deserv to play this

I seems to have hit an infite loop

Got one perfect throw- maxed the power and angle gauges, hit the boost just right... and now my worm can't come down. He's in orbit! Each bird gives you a little push up, and I'm traveling fast enough that I hit more than enough birds to cancel gravity. $33k and 50km and counting (in about 10 minutes). It's kinda funny. ^_^

Fun with a nice art style

I like the look of this game, but you might want to look into a little bug i found.

On my third cast i tried for a power shot, with my aim straight up, i used the rocket pretty early, since then my bait has been soaring through the clouds collecting tons of money off of birds in the sky, as of writing this my bait has currently collected 30500 in money and travelled over 45829 meters, and shows no sign of slowing, i havent hit the water yet and dont think i could face even trying to drag that back to the start!

Still, really nice game, just a little too easy to make cash.

Now at 34200 cash and 50798 meters... :P