Reviews for "xStream Fishing"

good try but....

like the others said too many birds fix that and maybe more upgrades that aren't OP
(Over Powered for teh n00bz lol)

Fun game with some problems

These upgrade launch games are fairly common, but with the fishing adding a fun twist on the old formula. Overall a fun game, but it needs some work in a couple areas:
-As several people have stated, the birds are too common and/or they give your cast too much of a lift, which makes even un-upgraded casts last too long.
-Also as people pointed out, they trip back with the bait takes too long, which only gets worse per the cast. Perhaps a ratio-ed reel in speed with respect to cast distance to keeps the reel ins from taking too long.
-It would be nice if there were more skills that could be upgraded.
-The music was very repetitive, and is annoying to begin with

Some other notes:
-It would also be nice if there was some way to know what fish can be caught with what bait, but I guess this trial and error could be considered part of the gameplay.
-It would also be nice if there was descriptions for the achievements, before you unlock them. Again, could be considered part of the gameplay.
-Like "monkeyman2006", I also got stuck on the achievement page, as the back button was not functioning.

Overall, a pretty solid framework, with a slight twist, on a very common game genre.

The Back button...

The "Back' button in the achievments page doesnt' take me "Back"... And the airborne time is too high, and the water time is too high.


Gets stuck in the air and just keeps on going for thousands of meters. Lots of potential if fixed.


ive gotten a continuopus line and keeps glitching on birds, its been doing this for 2 hours now, and is currently at 51,398,022.46m and $287,213 and still going strong hitting birds in mid air and going at a fast pace. other than that Ive seen more origional games than this, I think the idea has become over used. Otherwise this was a funny 2 hours and I give you a few more stars for that one