Reviews for "xStream Fishing"

awesome game

Ah such a great game, wonderful graphics and game play but my hook is stuck in the air, I'm a millionaire right now.

I like it

I like the game but it takes forever for the hook to reach the water. I have only bought the second, one power up for the guy and at the moment the distance meter is reading 45000m, before this turn has even started I have already got $31000 from hitting birds.

Please make it a bit more difficult and it will be a lot more enjoyable to play. Thanks.

PS: I am writing this while I am waiting for the hook, at the moment it is at 57000m.

Oh yeah!

Airborne hook is airborne!!!

bug needs to be fixed

my hook stays in the air forever plz fix great game though

It was great but...

The game was great, the concept is good, graphics is ok but there is just one thing: the hook wont get down. Seriously. I just threw a hook, then it keeps on hitting and hitting birds. I left it and took a nap, and when I woke up, its still airborne. Do something.