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Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"


I pretty much loved this. felt just like a snes game :)

Left 4 Dead 2...

...If Left 4 Dead 2 were a side scrolling arcade game. This is actually pretty cool. And U gots to love ninja swords.


Excellent game overall. If it had trophies, I would definitely try and do the 13 tank collection deal. I did play with the policeman, though... Awesome, my man. Pure. Freakin. Awesome.

Very good.

I especially liked the music from it. Ill be honest though, it was kind of too hard for me. xp

Fabulous, darling!

The character reminds me a lot of Ellis out of L4D2 with the cap, cream shirt and overalls.
Also, the light kind of looks like a wierd glowing dick, no?

The game play is good, very addicting and the graphics are solid, but i have to agree, some of the enemies are a little unfair.