Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

done baby!

wow! this was a really challenging game, if you just go through it normally, but if you beat it on easy mode you unlock another character with unlimited ammo.

very good!

i enjoyed this game. it kinda reminded me of metal slug and games like that are what built higher levels of gaming. so good job!

Very Good.

Why can't there be more games like THIS on XBLA or PSN? ... Put some more development, a MP Mode and some more functions in this and it would be something, gamers would actually like to buy...

You made my day!

Retro style gameplay & graphics, awesome soundtrack and ZOMBIES! This is a work of art. :^D Keep up the awesome work!

Makes me want to play it on an actual arcade cabinet!

nice but not hardcore

Nice you added ASD. ZXA is quite hard on a qwertz keyboard.
Would've liked more weapons and stronger zombies. The last area is only hardcore as long as you think there's a key for the car. You can simple run through the zombies...
How about "Toggle HardMode"?