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Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

Awesome music and is very fun to play! Is a totally awesome game, gotta play again!

just pure awsome the music, the graphics everything is amazing!

I love the artistic effects. The backgrounds are lovely, I like the style of the various creatures and the animation (the walk cycle looks good, if a little bit bowlegged). I'm highly impressed with some nuances as the dynamic shadows. I was fond of the many nuanced reference to other related games.

I don't know what the deal is with tanks, whether they drop randomly, whether I'm breaking an environmental object and not knowing it, whatever, I found a couple early on and haven't seen another since.

Anyway, I came to play this before trying the sequel, so I look forward to seeing how that one turned out.

Good idea, looks cool, controls do not work. You try to walk right, the guy walks left. you try to w]jump once, he jumps in place a dozen times. Try harder.

Shoot, I played this game using the original Xbox controller through Xpadder on this game and it was totally responsive! I should recommend using an arcade stick or pad for this one because this is going to be horrifying! About the game itself, the music is totally great! I can't listen to this enough, but this is freaky horrific!! Arcade raster support and configurable keys; they're much new. I had to try playing this game with the Blood option OFF, but this game has gore, 16-bit pixel-perfect graphics, 1990's style gameplay, and is something that will kill every zombie across the entire town! Great game! Very useful for arcade sticks and gamepads with Xpadder or Joy-2-Key!