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Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

Holy Shit!

I am in love with your art style, this is fantastic, did you do all the code yourself? I'm impressed if you did, i can draw alright, but complex actionscript code like what must be used to run this game is beyond me.



I love zombie games.

I really love zombie games. Good ones anyway. This is one of the excellent ones. The use of both melee and ranged weaponry helps make this better - conservation of ammo should figure into zombie apocalypse games.

I have only two criticisms, and minor ones at that. 'Unca Scott' sounds like a child's nickname for him. Since he seems not to be lugging a nephew or a niece around with him, and the body at the start is an adult, not a child, I see no reason for it.

Also (and this is a problem with any game using this system), it's a little hard to line up your shots. Any way you could make the vertical axis a little more forgiving?

A near flawless recreation!

Really great recreation! Perfect music and it wasn't too hard, I can remember the original arcade game being really difficult. Nonetheless, some beautiful work with the scenery along with the zombies, so you've gone far and beyond the call of duty in what you intended to do. Though, it would have been better to add the beginning back-story and plot and whatnot, but I think the surprisingly addicting game-play and extras made up for it. This just might be better than the original; well done!

Very nice!

Struck me as like a TPS version of Doom Classic. I liked it!