Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

absolutely love it

The graphics and music are awesome...It's like playing left for dead with all the weapon switching (except for the teammates of course) ....Pretty linear game which is best for this kind...

One problem..

I hate the click to go back to menu and a to continue. I died because I accidentally hit the windows button, deselecting the playing window and making the press a to continue option unavailable. Clicking to reselect the window caused me to lose all my progress. I recommend either two button press options or two mouse click options or both(preferably). That would eliminate any issues like this.

That aside, I thought it was a great game. Lots of fun and kept me playing long after I should have. I like retro graphics for flash games and it fit perfectly. One thing though, I think the weapons should reappear later since you lose whatever you have when you die. In other words, I had the bat most of the game. Not that there's anything wrong with it. A lovely, semi-used Louisville Slugger can kick the shit out of anything. But it does seem like a pipe might have a little more weight behind it. But yeah, I don't recall seeing but three melee weapons. The bat that you start with, the pipe that you find before you see zombies, and the sword (which I personally didn't care for as it was too slow, though I suppose it had some enemy that was super weak to it or something, idk)

Loved how certain weapons were better suited for certain enemies. I did wish that when I picked up a weapon of the same type that it would reload to max instead of picking up the new one, but it's no biggie and I don't really mind the swap thing anyway.

Good job.

Wonderfully made

The only fault I have with this game is that I have no idea where those tanks are, or even how to look for them. Other than that, this is beautiful.


i love 16-bit style, you must do gameboy version!

dont get it

why? just why? this could be an awesome game but I DONT KNOW! why is nobody get it europs cant play this because of the z and y keyboard shit there are over 29 buttons and u cant make the controls playable for everyone? so yeah this could be an awesome game but i cant play it THANK YOU! yeah im pissed about it! but im fair and vote 5 pikos