Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"


the weapon-switch-sounds remind me to old enemy territory / RTCW :D

the keybinding for A, X and Z is a bit brainkilling if you use QWERTZ keybord instead of QWERTY thats why 8/10 and not 10/10

try A S D and spacebar maybe


The guy is Ellis from Left 4 dead 2 :D

Great game

The only thing I would change would be the controls... they just felt awkward at first.

(You get used to them tho)

What else can I say?
A bloody zombie beat-em-up?

Great game but could use some tweaks

great game love the retro feel the music and all is great but a few things that could be fixed already been mentioned though is the same gun thing would really prefer a max refill instead of picking up a new weapon it gets kind of fustrating as well as a button customization for us europe keypad people with Y instead of z next to X makes my hand hurt stretching my fingers that wide xP.
thanks for the woderful game though
zombie killing ftw ! have a good day :3

good zombie game

why is this wreking ball fallowing me