Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"


Amazing graphics and animation, this is incredible!!!
Better than any of the classics, great job!

More, More, More!!!

I've beat this on regular and easy modes and I'm already addicted, although I'm not sure what tanks are?? Will play again, keep up the good work!

dogget76 responds:

When you replay an already cleared room, a tank appears instead of a key. Grab 13 Newgrounds tanks to unlock Jason. You can collect them in both regular and easy modes, but to unlock the character you'll need to complete the game at regular mode. Thanks for your comment!

looks great

wow i love how this plays and feels/looks like the real thing! i wished it could have slowed down a little making it feel more zombie like but this is cool too.


I enjoyed this game from start to finish, through multiple playthoughs. Although at first pressing "A" was a pain I got used to it. My only complaint is the lack of different "bosses." I also didn't like how you had to grind so hard for the tanks (for all of you still confused on that, go to a previous screen and kill all of the enemies, one will drop a tank every time.) Finally although i enjoyed Officer BOA a lot, I felt that Jason ran out of ammo too quickly and his melee was not strong enough for it to be counter balanced (since Officer BOA has infinite ammo I liked him better).

hey pretty great game

it's been a while since i last play one that i like this much, its has great soundtrack, good difficulty level (not to hard but not to easy also), and it has pretty good graphics, and i imagine you have a lot of ability on action script. though a lot of the time i was swinging the bat for quite some time to strong zombies so i wouldn't run out of bullets, apart from that this game is excellent. You really should make another game you have a lot of potential xD.