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Reviews for "Doodle Devil"

It's basically Doodle God but with more 'elements'

It should have just been an expansion pack. Dont get me wrong, i loved the game, im just saying its basically an add-on to doodle god but with a different name

Absolutely Awesome!!

And I think that Doodle God was good! Congrats man, and keep doing those games, they're incredible! Just an idea: Why not do the Doodle with the Olimpian\Egyptian\Nordic gods?


Like I am sure many people on newgrounds did, I just tried ti combine sex with everything:
"sex+oil...sex+chaos...sex+beast...se x+corpse...sex+mushroom..."

I was also surprised to see that knowledge+suffering did not = highschool

Love it

This is really good fun. Excellent sequel to Doodle God.

LOL... so true

Mechanism + Demon = TV XD