Reviews for "Doodle Devil"

I like the doodle god series.
this one kinda confused me on how to make things as they didn't seem to make logical sense.
until it hit me, at around half way in. doodle god created things logically, doodle devil is creating things bass ackwards, you have to take a jokster, or troll logic to get the mixtures for most of these.
still fun if kinda mind bending only complaint is the droning music (i dont like it) and not as much verity as the original Doodle God.

oh one more thing... Hyrda+Dragon=Sex??? *insert jontron WAHTDAFUQ joke*

joybits is a game company that made this game
and Doodle Devil is an offline game on steam

It's like an inferior little alchemy

Car + Magic = Robot

It's magic Joel, It's magic.

I've always loved this game ever since I first found out about it years ago. It's a ton of fun finding how to create the 7 deadly sins and creating many of humanity's worse aspects.