Reviews for "Doodle Devil"

Awesome game

Here is a few ideas for you...

Cellphone + AI = Iphone

Internet + Human = Newgrounds

Atheism + Human = Awesome

Awesome + Man = Chuck Norris

Awesome + Woman = Feminism (couldnt think of anything better)

Sex + Internet = porn

Awesome + Book = Manga

Manga + TV = Anime

Anime + Porn = Hentai

Chuck Norris + Religion = Chuck Norris "facts"

btw I also loled when I got "Censored" when I put in Sex + Money


Corpse + Electricity = Frankenstein.
I don't know why,but i lol'd so hard at that.

Ive got one for you

Lust + Book = Playboy.

i have one medal left

the last one
otherwise nice game

One of the best.

One of the best games in Newgrounds! Like it!