Reviews for "Doodle Devil"


this is very confusing but lol magic+man=worm LOL!!!!!!!

lust +book is not porno



The one thing i most enjoyed was the very tasteful quotes you put in this game very well done!

Addictive, but arbitrary.

For whatever reason, just like the last game, I feel like I need to play this until I get all of the compounds, but the combinations are really arbitrary. Especially if I'm supposed to be able to create sins, it seems like there a lot of combinations that I ought to do, like lust + book = pornography or beast + sex = beastiality and things like that. What one can do ends up feeling really arbitrary, although some of the combinations are pretty cool. The main thing is that it turns into waiting for the light to go off and then just brute forcing all of the combinations, since thinking about it never gets you anywhere, which is kind of a shame, since it would be nice if the combinations were somewhat intuitive. It also feels like a really huge fraction of the combinations are recycled from Doodle God, which just strikes me as lazy. It seems like if there was supposed to be a theme, you should have ran with it instead of recycling most of the old combinations. With that said, though, the completionist in me feels compelled to finish it, so I guess that's worth something.

Am I missing something?

Graphically this game is fantastic. My complaint with the other Doodle games is that many of the combinations don't make sense and waiting for hints to progress to the next stage of waiting for a hint isn't my idea of fun.

This edition, however, follows a theme, making guessing element combinations a little easier and more logical. Although, I've only played for a few minutes...