Reviews for "Doodle Devil"


i love it as Man + Man = Friendship and Woman + Woman = NOTHING lol and Man + Woman = SEX not FRIENDSHIP, NUFF SAID lol

Awesome Game

A awesome game and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Doodle God.


I find it to be a very interesting game and I enjoy playing it. There was just one thing, why couldn't I turn off the music? :(

fantastic sequel

Just as good as the first, and you did a fantastic job creating the demonic atmosphere.

Very good, but sometimes confusing.

At times, yes some of the combos didn't make a lot of sense, but overall I really liked it. I enjoyed Doodle God too the first time I played it. I like the drawings used in the intro and "cut-scenes", but I think to add a bit more polish the buttons should light up when you hover over them. But that's just really aesthetics, so don't worry too much about it.