Reviews for "Doodle Devil"

I like the concept

It's much more fulfilling than Doodle God in my opinion since sins and Hellish things are involved. I also enjoy that this game has a darker tone, yet still has a humor factor to it.

Also I'd appreciate it if you could post the song. I love the song.

Funniest Combination so far

Demon + Order = Copyright xDD


the game wasn't particularly fun, but i couldn't stop playing until i had won.

bringing oil to american shores..

BP lol nice one

It's ok but

Some of the combinations ar just....weir. Like apple and earth make seed? That's not really how it works. If it were apple and soil, that would make a bit more sens.
And....fire and cthulu make wrath? Not sure how that combo makes a deadly sin, but whatever.
The game is pretty decent and certainly keeps your attention, but....the combinations are a bit of a stretch sometimes
Still pretty decent.