Reviews for "Doodle Devil"

"Great combinations"

Human + Computer = Zombie XD

Awesome game! I love it!

doodle god returns

I don't know how you could follow the genius of doodle god. doodle devil is quite complex with many hours of guess work. However, i'm glad there was a sequel. perhaps the next one can be on the evolution on man. (fire, spear, wheel... can even be split into periods of mankind's genius)


i love both doodle god and devil. though devil is waaay easier than doodle god.

I like the concept

It's much more fulfilling than Doodle God in my opinion since sins and Hellish things are involved. I also enjoy that this game has a darker tone, yet still has a humor factor to it.

Also I'd appreciate it if you could post the song. I love the song.

Funniest Combination so far

Demon + Order = Copyright xDD