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Reviews for "Doodle Devil"

sick game

Woman + Gluttony = Suffering XD
Trying to send a message, man?
Great game

It's on perspective

This game doesn't make sense half the time. Sometimes, it feels like it would work. But alot of the combinations didn't make sense. Like Heresy and Human. How would that equal psychology? I understand atheism, as atheism could of been considered heresy in the old time. But psychology? What?


Neat idea, Badly executed.

"Great combinations"

Human + Computer = Zombie XD

Awesome game! I love it!

doodle god returns

I don't know how you could follow the genius of doodle god. doodle devil is quite complex with many hours of guess work. However, i'm glad there was a sequel. perhaps the next one can be on the evolution on man. (fire, spear, wheel... can even be split into periods of mankind's genius)