Reviews for "Doodle Devil"

realy good

the combos put in are realy clever and mostly fit in one way or another, its kinda strange though why this page gets all the ad spam, ng should kinda do something abour that.

i win!!!!

yeeees!!! finally!!!!!!!!!! i win all medals!!!!

Killed it for me.

Originally this game was bound to get 9 stars, but then I found the nuclear bomb. Mushroom plus a bomb? Mushroom cloud, yeah, I get it.

Yuk, yuk, yuk....

almost perfect

i love this game and hope there is a sequel the only problem is when using a clue and it brings up the categories if u make a combo already made, it takes u back to the category menu and u might have forgot the 2 categories u were combining and have to wait another 5 mins for another hint.

how to do this

how to make a weapon