Reviews for "Doodle Devil"


I just couldn't stop laughing when I combined the demon and order..though I wouldn't necessarily put it in the "Culture" field but rather in the Hell field.


I got 59/100 elements but i don't have the medal? =/

Anyways great game, loved doodle god just as much =)

I wonder if this works for android phones too and not just iphones =P

Don't just tell him to make a sort of game

Gees, that idea was from Age of War + he can make the games however he wants, you just want your name in the credits.
Anyways, this game is too fun! But i got lazy and used the FAQ lmfao.


awesome game but i can't find out how to get the last deadly sin SLOTH


played all the way through used like 3 hints took me like 45 mins it was good like the rest make more please