Reviews for "Why Terry is Gay"

its funny.

i don't see why some people are hating on it, it may not be the best concept for some people but what is? the animation had not one bit out of line and it was a funny video, the music went perfectly and the the animation was smooth.
well done for another awesome animation


EPIC, justin Bieber was in the end, was that one bit him having flash backs does that mean he wanked it that stuff? o.O

justine bieber lol

why did it have such a sad background song? and does him jizzing on you make you gay?


Chris I know u can do much better than that. But y did u decided to put a really gay video? Y? I gave u a two for only the one when it had the justin bieber joke.

Haha Justin Bieber

Other than the JB joke, this was a pretty shitty flash.
Way too much gay.