Reviews for "Why Terry is Gay"

So predictable.

This was one of the most predictable things in animation. Purely because of the title.


I loved the last pic....Justin Beiber!! Bwahahaha love it!


thats all...


I heard that same music in Kick-Ass.
Whats the name of the song itself?
Thanks :)

A romantic story

Young Terry was in the bathroom,he found nothing intresting in all those straight magazines,"FUCK THOSE STRAIGHTS,I WILL FUCK ALL MEN" He screamed.While he turned his head to find something else,he found Chris O'Neil's picture he kept from the last time they went to the bar.He took the vaseline to express his real feelings for O'Neil.Oh o'neil he said while his hands were twiching.Terry O'Brien couldn't hold it anymore,the semen leaked out of his cum into the picture.He knew it was over.He had become a faggot