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Reviews for "A Short Chuck Norris Game"

Love it

You can't play with Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris plays with you ;)

masteratdeath responds:

Damn right.

A Short Short Short Short Short Chuck Norris Game

Well, I see that you preserved Chuck's Epicness and Godlyness.
But...............Even for a Short Game, it was 2 short
and also the comment below where it says u ripped it off.

masteratdeath responds:

Your right. The game was very short, and yet I think I did rip it off. Though, the game is supposed to be comedy. I think this was to be as short as a Family Guy show when they watch TV and this would be probably how short it was. No commentary is really needed, and no walkthrough since the game is so easy.


Ta em BR essa poha


Boaa cara ri muito, bem criativo =D


Really creative dude laught my ass off =D grats <3

um i love it

but how do you kill the guy that shoots the fire at you