Reviews for "MegaManX: THE GAME: lvl 2"


this is the best!!


Pretty hot game...a robot that smokes weed...dats kool...make more.

Great job

it was better than a lot of stuff on newgrounds and it was really well done although if you decide to make another one put in some more enemies or give the ones you got some better AI because they are too easy to kill i hope you make another one.

It is good...

I like the game itself,but I hated the part wich makes fun of the characters..."Call me tonight if you want to get wasted."That sucks bigtime... I hate it,leave the funny shit out,improve a bit on the sound,the MIDI files are pretty shitty,improve the graphics by drawing them,trust me,the result will be a lot better than the pixel stuff.There is a real artist in you!I hope you won't get angry by my comment, i just tried to give some suggestions,no offense.

god damn ! ! ! !

thats the 2nd or 3rd time ive seen inyuyasha like that in a flash...is it from a game??? please tell me where its from...cause im kinda curiouse from where you and the other person got it from? if you know can you tell me...! ! !thanx