Reviews for "MegaManX: THE GAME: lvl 2"

Being the Megaman fan that I am...

...I would gladly have sex with this flash


i am impressed by this. i would Kill if i could maKe something liKe this. one problem though, you should maKe the gun shot a seperate clip, because you can Kill the robots just by running into them if you have a charged energy ball surrounding you. maKe more, and maKe capsul upgrades and otehr shit, and maKe robots give off energy, well some, and not others. end. -psycho


This was brilliant
Don't listen Asswipes like the other lot, this was brilliant, so when's the sequal out fospher?
good work man

It is fucking good!

I love it ot!

? nothing worked correctly

this game is REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY messed up!

and I could even cheat! All I had to do was hit play