Reviews for "MegaManX: THE GAME: lvl 2"


Game, this was well done, there are still some bugs though that you should fix or at least try to fix.


Not a bad game... though X does walk funny as he charges up, but it's still fun. Great background use, and the music is great as well. I used to play MMX before. Keep it up!

Dimmu Borgir rocks. Good game too

It was a fun little game and Purtania is an awesome song to get points with!

thats pretty good.

one of the best megaman games to date, no doubt about it, even though it was too short(you should have had at least 3 bosses).

Mega Man X

Not to be pinchy, but Mega Man X didn't start it all. The NES Mega Man games were there long before X came along. Not to be a smart-guy, but I was thinking of the inscription on this game.