Reviews for "MegaManX: THE GAME: lvl 2"

Meh... it was OK

The music sounded bland, the graphics were OK (except for the "improvised" Dr. Light and stuff ), but the controls were very bad. Having to press two different buttons for firing, as well as the annoying gliding that Megaman did was just horrible.

It looks like you have the right idea, but it's not coming together very well. Overall, you do deserve credit for what you've done, so I'm giving you a moderate score.

needs some major upgrades

I hope you will make an X3. but make sure to fix that gliding problem you get when you're charging. also you HAD to charge for a sec just to get any bullet. sigma was too easy, and the whole dialogue with the prof. was...yeah...overall it was decent, I could only hope to match it if I worked my ass off forever. so keep it up, make aan X3, who knows, maybe it will join the ranks of the best NG games ever!

your first one was better...

Your attempt at comdey was, well, weak. and in your first one you could walk while charging, in this one you skate around. Also, the boss crapping out bullets was gay and so were the refrences of weed and alchohol. While your first one as much harder and slower, it wasnt so incredibly lame.


There was WAY too many glitches, like all you had to do was hold down x and just walk through the level(no jumping needed) and also cosidering that megaman is a robot and like 12 years old i doubt he would be drinking and smoking. so yea, there was alot of problems with this.


dude......this had too many glitches.in the start of the lvl,you can walk thru a wall and die.the boss is supossed to be chillpenguin,drlight is
supossed to be in a capsule,megaman and vile can't drink reefers,if
you hold down both shoot buttons,you're invincible(i like that).

But other than that,a good time burner.