Reviews for "MegaManX: THE GAME: lvl 2"

I would like it.....

I kinda like it, but that's only because when i first played megaman x, I thot it was the pinnacle of gaming, AND I STILL DO. :0 Even tho i played Halo 2 so many times it's probly a world record, nuff said.

thjis is not that great for 3 resons

reson 1: No blaster saound efects and 2 because this couldl be actualy a GAME!!! not a very quick thing to be bored with 3i've seen bother gemes like this and they suck too. no offence but i think you followed resons 1 and 2 at least this game would be MUCH MUCH BETTER! so hope you're next creation is very good

did u no that the boss u picked was vile?

blow up vile when u get ta the boss stage! tipVILE IS STORNG when u battle him kill him with a c.shot with the mmx mega buster


All enemies touched will die almost instantly when i am charging,and when i charge and jump i can do it without moving my legs,the boss also die when i was charging in contact with it..its life just go down..down ...down.Maybe it just me or this glitch i experienced by everyone..

Well it's not that bad...

of a game maybe if the game is more challenging and fix it a little bit then I can't wait for the next part, overall Good Job:)