Reviews for "MegaManX: THE GAME: lvl 2"

kick ass!

I like how you added DIMMU BORGIR at the end. that added some style. at least it wasn't some nu-metal shit. theres to much of that around. overall, it wasn't bad, needs a little work. i love the conversation w/ doctor light. that was hardcore. anyways, keep it up, you got some potential. add some more death and black metal to some more movies. gives me a few sick ideas!

Nice Game

Fcuking Great


lets put it this way, i liked the last sequence thng better than the game. i think the game needs a few more improvements... it was way too short and the enemies were wierd. the shots didnt go long enough either and it was way too easy. and the shooting backwards shooting forwards thing was wierd too

i have problem with this game...

every time i used a normal shot i would fire the wrong way! whats up with that?

You say you read all your reviews, huh?

That's dedication. Anyway - this contains two good things about it that make me prefer this to project X.

ONE - you can run and dash and there is no slowdown!
TWO - you can move while charging! (maybe a glitch, but a godd one).

This is a big step up from other works - keep it up.