Reviews for "MegaManX: THE GAME: lvl 2"


it was ok i personal like the part where ur fighting the boss its just to easy and i found some thing if u hold down the fire button and move u dont move ur feet FIX THAT PLZ


those darn shot domt go fast or long enough and how come you cant use the regular controls like A=fire s=dash and all that.and the faces are worse,X looks like a monkey.really,if you want to make a sequeal you better add more life in it

wow....kinda bad

the controls are the major downfall. not tight and 2 fire buttons? u can't jump and fire, and shots don't go far enough. Slight delay on graphics and enemies are kind of stupid. not the worst I'v seen though


good game,but too short

thats pretty good.

one of the best megaman games to date, no doubt about it, even though it was too short(you should have had at least 3 bosses).