Reviews for "MegaManX: THE GAME: lvl 2"


how the hell did this win a daily 1st place the buttons work but it's all glitchy and the programming sucks! try again

um, wow that sukd

ok grafix were bad cus the ground kept jumping around and u could move wile charging BUT MM FEET DID NOT MOVE!!!

and the boss fight sukd i shot him 3 times and wile charging he died WTF!! next time TEST UR GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS-i could do better

decent game

I liked the end music Dimmu Borgir is awesome and it was pretty fun with a south park twist

Where's the password?

Dude you said in the first game the password for this one is "asskick" but you didnt put it in here.......WHERE DID YOU PUT IT!?!?!?!?!?!?

Normal game.

But I found a little cheat for it: hold down both shoot buttons and just go through the level, cause the enemys will die when they are touching you and the boss will die in 0,5 seconds. It could be better.