Reviews for "Dragon got your tongue?"

nice title =D

these drawings keep getting better and better, what writing utensils do you draw with? o.o

Fatchaos responds:

Heh, thanks a lot! Well... I sketch my artwork with classic pencil & paper method, then upload the sketch to my computer (with a digital cam since I don't have a scanner), then work on it with AipTek10000u tablet and Photoshop CS 3.

amazing dude

this is prob ur finest work yet man and dont thing ur drawings are [weird discustang and tranny] what some guy wrote <----- ur great just make people belive man ur stupindus [srry for the spelling] :D

Fatchaos responds:

Thanks a lot...
Oh, and ignore Nox. He's a troll ^^;

Update helped...

I can see the divide between shoulder and tail much clearer thanks to your shading and adjustments. It doesn't help that the way the spines are on her tail give the illusion that the tail should continue up past her hair. But the angle of the pose does make it difficult, when given a porn glance (i.e. "I see boob and butt!!1one!" *clap* *clap* [insert lewd body touches]), to understand the tail in a sense. For I can visualize the tail curving and protruding by the knees.

Flyreen looks a little unbalanced though, as if she should be leaning on something. That could be because I can't see her right knee. As well as thinking her butt is hovering over her right leg.

The saliva is a nice touch and the violet stripes. Her back looks very well done. And the face, much like all your other works, adds subtle yet strong emotion and feelings. Are the characters part of a story (written or mental) or are they just personalities and/or friends you wish to have down on a medium. Either way, can't wait to see the next piece.


Fatchaos responds:

Yes, for such a work like this, I felt like fixing that little issue was mandatory. Hmm, placing the tail in a good way is always a little tricky, and here I went with a intentionally risky way, lifting it up, because, well... I wanted to show more of the curves. Hahah, porn glance...

Hmmm... I was rather careful to balance her, could be she's leaning a bit, who knows? Sexy poses are not always uncomfortable or "lasting", though ;)

Heh, saliva! Originally, I wasn't going to add it. My friend persuaded me to add it, and I gotta give it to him: It is a nice add-on. Luckily I was able to resist the urge to overdo it. (I tend to like a little... messy.)

Ah, I like designing strong, sensual expressions. Worth the effort, every time.

Some of my characters are part of a story, some are not. Chances are, if there's only nude / nearly nude pin-ups of the characters, then she's just a pin-up girl. But even so, every single character of mine has a personality, and some of the pin-up girls even have a little more detailed background. So far just in my head, though I have just recently published a few stories on DA.

Anyway, I thank you very much for the thoughtful comment! Those are kinda rare these days, after all.


i just have 1 question. how did her tail go from up near her head to down near her knees? other than that, good job! :)

Fatchaos responds:

It did. Believe me. I sketched it behind her, and it goes. Believe it. Flexible.

Heh, thanks ^^

Very nice work

I love it don't get me wrong, but her tail is completely wrong. It just can't work out anatomically. The tip is at such a weird angle that there is no way it can be shaped in such a way. It is a very good drawing and very sexy none the less.

Fatchaos responds:

Hmmmmmmh... But I like tails this way! ^^

Cheers, though!