Reviews for "Nephi's Adventure 2"

Best Nephi Game EVER

Need I say more?

Oh yeah.

My favorite things in this SPOOILERSSS:

-"Dreidel." "Jup"
- The different kinds of plates (all ending with -ass) :D
- Actually getting kicked out when picking the wrong one.

Woo! It's awesome.

BoMToons responds:

except plates of cash...


@ SirkTheguy There isn't much of a need to cheat. Just Click everything like i did XD

Overall this game made me aware of Israel Cultures and stories and history. I enjoyed it :) GOOD job

love it

i loved the game

make more please!

-and as your plare master i have to beat you up if you take the wrong one.

hilarious. the scene with the god talked to nephi part was awesome!

you must slay him
but i never slayed one
some seconds later he slayed his uncle. ummmm...what?

great game, cant wait for the third part.