Reviews for "Nephi's Adventure 2"


I love the game and the references to Jacob. But at first I thought it was Judaism, not Mormon. Hmm.

Short but Sweet!

Off to Jerusalem to get wives! One question, why did you put in Gumdrop Mode? Do you think that Mormon children will play this game? Or did you just put it for a sort of FAMILY-FRIENDLY part of the game.

And one complaint. Next time put a "SKIP TEXT" button so I don't have to hear that stupid-ass hippie drone on his long poem. Great game, hope in gets the Daily Feature award!

loved it so much

i agree with "skullboy79" about the SKIP button but that would not deter me from giving this game a perfect 10....it does get annoying to listen to the THAT poem twice or thrice but still liked it...i loved the voice of the boy jacob ( by aaron chan if im correct) ... n ya i got all the medals with relative ease...

what i liked most about this game is the VOICE-ACTING. also the animation is pretty smooth n nice, the puzzles are good n somewat easy though....waiting for chapter 3

BoMToons responds:

Updated the file with a skip dialogue option, thanks for the review!

Just plain EPIC.

This kept me entertained for a long time! It is the best point'n'click i've played untill now! It is really amazing , i'm GLAD u finished this , the chapter one was really good , but this one is definitly better!

Now beeing honest , at first i was dissapointed that the graphics didn't advanced much , but OF COURSE that graphics doesn't make a better game , and that a game doesn't needs graphics to be epic...THIS is the COMPLETE proof of that.

I feel a bit ashamed because i used the walktrough once , to know how to get the Mushroom paste , but only on that part , i discovered everything else by myself.

As far as story goes , it is a good game.

Gameplay : 10/10
Music : Not rated (I have no sound , so i can't really see how it is...:( )
Difficultie : 8/10 For beeing a point'n'click game , it was really good , it was kinda obvious to figure it out , later the mushroom paste part in my opinion.
Graphics 9/10 Not the best , but they fit REALLY well into the game , and the cutscenes were really good!
Story : 10/10 What can i say? it's good.
It contains blood , sacrifice , puzzles , twists , all what a point'n'click game should be.

Damn...I remember playing the first one LONG time ago , like 2 or 3 years , when this came out SO many memories came in my mind!

In fact , i really enjoyed it , it's epic , doesn't matters how u look at it.
And it also has some comedy , and accuracy-click puzzles.
There should be more point'n'click games like this one.

Really amazing , waiting for the 3rd one!


BoMToons responds:

*pleased with this review*

Brings back memories of the real story

When will the Nephi's adventure 3 come out?