Reviews for "Nephi's Adventure 2"


hey this is awesome =)

Although I am no longer a Mormon....

I still have fond memories of the church, well some few fond memories, it's good to see people who are not afraid to promote their beliefs, and your artistic skills are very well done.


It's so rare to see a game thats fun not to hard but chalenging and funny. Kudos man Kudos

BoMToons responds:

Thanks, that means a lot to us!


Pretty fun! Totally on the line of old LucasArts games, with all those anachronisms. An incredibly good work!
The man-eating plant moment was SOOO fun... I almost died laughing. Didn't see that coming.
Also, lol @ "International House of Latkes".

The only thing I didn't like much was the controls, I prefer just point and click rather than having to select the action, it's something that annoyed me on Scumm games.

A Mormon point and click, oddly

Classic gameplay and classic types of optional humor which I always love, and on top of that, entirely voiced!

Great job, definitely. The only thing I realized was that about half-way through that I realized the name of the character and realized I was playing through a chapter of the book of Mormon. So far I really can't tell if this was made as a fun game to teach Mormonism by Mormons.. or if its going to make fun of Mormonism.. either way, it just kind of... irked me that I found myself playing through a religions holy book and not just a story that the author made up...
..oh wait