Reviews for "Nephi's Adventure 2"


Judaism, the government, women, and liberals are depicted accurately. Game play and graphics are decent.

Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of clay

Eh. If I wanted to play Herc's Adventure, I would have done so. And at least that would have been interesting. Nothing new here, just a continuation of a tired genre.

its just eh

I dont see what was wrong with it offensively but i still didn't like it. It was kind of stupid and it lacked action and it was just way too easy. Maybe if puzzles were added and if what you chose to say in conversations had more consequences and affected the story more.


Yeah I understand that most newgroundies aren't smart enough to catch the joke, but I did and this game is offensive.

The ankle bracelet is a reference to the bible that makes the assertion that the girl in the game is a slut. And judging by the way you made her behave I'm absoluteley positive that's what you meant by that so....

I love how you make the mormon hero out to be so good-natured, innocent, and smart and the jewish characters are all dumb,slutty, ect. That just makes me WANT to go mormon! *sarcasm*

So yeah I'm offended. Tell us why God gave black people thier skin color you racist.

BoMToons responds:

I'm glad someone got the reference, but no offense was intended!