Reviews for "Nephi's Adventure 2"



BoMToons responds:

Hee hee, one of my favorite lines...also: "Lamp-post"

"Lets do this!" :D

This game is AWESOME! Cool art, funny/clever puzzles, great jokes, and voice acting that's so entertaining it alone adds mountains of re-play value!

BoMToons responds:

Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed it Matt!

Really good.

This sticks to the story and it's well made.

yes i'm mormon lol


its lol cause i am from isreal and there is no stupid game with the dreidel O_O

Nice game! Although, this game is one of my fav! Why is the PHP on the app store on games like this so expensive though -_-' Although, too, I could help with the chapter 3: The Quest for wives, or maybe it should be Chapter 3: Return to Jerusalem! Chapter 3 may be uploaded in 2017-2020 (Maybe?) Could be, as long as you can do it.