Reviews for "Nephi's Adventure 2"

This is so sweet.

I'm L.D.S (Mormon) and I love this, I like how you have the golden plates and everything, I think you should keep making games off of the Book Of Mormon.


In this game u barely need to talk, so hope this helps, a fast walkthru:::::
Save game right away for medal.
Grab a mini-hotdog
Head right and enter bar with camel outside
go left to bar, grab pretzel.
Talk to animal guy, ask about paper, talk again and challenge to dreidal match.
Lose first dreidal match, then ask for rematch.
In rematch, hit table till ur color comes up, then hit his hand so he doesn't cheat.
Right after u win hit his hand again for medal, now u have poem.
Head out of bar and right to alley, Go north to crazy clingly lady and give poem.
Now you have twinkly anlket.
Give hobbo pretzel and hotdog for ashtray and butter knife.
Head right and use twinkly anklet on cat.
Go left to outside of bar, use butterknife on stuff under camel's foot.
Now u have funghus, use cat on camel.
Go back into bar and grab dreidal, also the door blocked previously in bar is open
Go into door and head right into other door, grab blanket.
Head towards labens house to the man eating plant.
Touch the block to kill plant, then use butterknife/funghi on dirt.
Combine mushroom with ashtray, then combine dreidal with it.
Got mushroom paste, give to hotdog guy, get wine.
Go to laban's house, use blanket on river of mud, wine on the gaurd.
Past first gaurd at laban's go right into bush with hand sticking out.
Grab laban's sword but don't kill yet.
Go up to his laser wall and use sword on wall without wearing armor for medal.
Go back to laban and murder his drunken ass. MURDER IT I COMMAND THEE
*NOTE* If you played with blood on, u need to go back to well and wash armor.
If not then u have clean armor already.
Donning the armor go to laban's house and touch door with grab.
Don't just pick brass plates, click each set of plates once and put down, then grab brass plates for medal.
Watch credits for medal.

Really good

I thought this was fantastic!
Clever and witty, a very entertaining flash.
You did a great job, keep it up!

i like the mario :D

nice one dude hope to see the next work


Pretty fun! Totally on the line of old LucasArts games, with all those anachronisms. An incredibly good work!
The man-eating plant moment was SOOO fun... I almost died laughing. Didn't see that coming.
Also, lol @ "International House of Latkes".

The only thing I didn't like much was the controls, I prefer just point and click rather than having to select the action, it's something that annoyed me on Scumm games.