Reviews for "Nephi's Adventure 2"

OMG this series need to have more chapters. the voice acting is still perfects from the last game and the animation is good for a classic old game. If you need help still with making other chapters try a kick starter as you will defiantly find someone that will help you out. I can defiantly see this being a full game with more chapters on steam or gamejolt. Keep up with the good work

Nice game! Although, this game is one of my fav! Why is the PHP on the app store on games like this so expensive though -_-' Although, too, I could help with the chapter 3: The Quest for wives, or maybe it should be Chapter 3: Return to Jerusalem! Chapter 3 may be uploaded in 2017-2020 (Maybe?) Could be, as long as you can do it.


when is the third chapter happening ?

BoMToons responds:

We've actually been discussing it quite a bit lately... looking for an investor to back the production...

Are you going to make the whole Book of Mormon into these games? I'm not a Mormon and I really don't like religions, but I think what you've done with it is excellent. I support you.