Reviews for "Nephi's Adventure 2"

Chat is way too slow.

Well, besides the fact that the chat is a little too slow to get the story going, it's a great game.
I mean it was a little annoying having to literally spend 1-2 minutes talking to the hotdog guy, and then more because I chose the wrong option than to get the info I needed. Plus, there's no way to skip through the chat unless it was something I missed.
This is something that could use improvement.

BoMToons responds:

There's a big "skip" button in the corner to skip dialogue.

awsome and funny

Excellent game, really funny, nice graphic draws... jajajajaa Final fantasy part was hillarius and the mario bros part XD


1. Talk to hot dog seller to make a deal with the vino
2. Enter tavern in the town
3. Enter dreidel competition with hippy guy for the camel poem
4. Lose first competition(do nothing)
5. Enter competition again and win(hit hippy guys hand then hit table)
6. Take a free pretzel
7. Go back to hot dog guy and take a free hot dog
8. Go north of town and give fountain girl the poem(she will give you the bells)
9. Go east of town on the alley
10. Give hobbo the pretzel and the hot dog(he will give you an ash thing and a spreading knife)
11. Ring the bells to the cat in the tree
(you will get the cat)
12. Show the cat to the outside camel in the town
13. Go in tavern and take the dredel on the table
14. Go up stairs to the balcon to get the blanket
15. Go south of house to Laban
16. Use blanket to cross the mud
17. I forgot to tell you to beat the carnivorus plant and take its mushroom
18. After you take mushroom combine it with the ash
19. Go back in town and with the knife take the green fungus on the ground
20. Use dredel to make the mushroom paste
21. Give mushroom paste to hot dog guy(you will get the vino)
22. Go to Laban house and give the security boy the vino
23. Go ahead and click on the hand near the bush
24. Take sword
25. Kill Laban
26. Go clean the armor at the mountain(if you are playing in blood drop mode)
27. Use sword to destroy kamikaze lasers
28. Go at the door with a guard
29. Take the brass plates
30. Thats it...


this game is relly fun & its relly awsome that its happend in israel=)

my review after playing

it's a good game,very educational not to hard or easy to some people like zarfot never played the first game and preston89 it'll take time to finish so how do you even beat this game I've taken my time it took me 30 minutes to an hour.