Reviews for "Nephi's Adventure 2"

Great job!

I thoroughly enjoyed it,and you should be proud my friend. To be honest Jehovah's witnesses and Mormans kinda scare me,but that has nothing to do with the work you put into it. Keep it up! :D


yay for mormon games! does anybody on here even know this is about the Book of Mormon?


i really liked this because it was really simple, not once did i have to look for a guide, but i wished it was longer

Quite the game.

A neat little game. Point and click isn't really my style, but I still enjoyed this quite a bit.

Very good. :)

This is a very enjoyable point-and-click game. It's very interactive and interesting. There's always a surprise or something around every corner. It was also mostly easy but some bits required more thinking. :)

Well done. I now have to play the first one.

BoMToons responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, the 1st one was made a LOOOOONG time ago, so don't go too hard on it :-P