Reviews for "Nephi's Adventure 2"


yay for mormon games! does anybody on here even know this is about the Book of Mormon?


i really liked this because it was really simple, not once did i have to look for a guide, but i wished it was longer

Quite the game.

A neat little game. Point and click isn't really my style, but I still enjoyed this quite a bit.

Very good. :)

This is a very enjoyable point-and-click game. It's very interactive and interesting. There's always a surprise or something around every corner. It was also mostly easy but some bits required more thinking. :)

Well done. I now have to play the first one.

BoMToons responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, the 1st one was made a LOOOOONG time ago, so don't go too hard on it :-P

Really good

I thought this was fantastic!
Clever and witty, a very entertaining flash.
You did a great job, keep it up!