Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"

Front page worthy!

Highly addictive and a ton of fun. The game is VERY responsive and the animation are smooth and clear without taking up any time from the drop of the other blobs.
If marketed to the right people and site, you could be in possession of the next big puzzle game like Bejewled or Blitz!

Megadev responds:

We showed it to quite a few portals and sponsors but couldn't even get a decent sponsorship deal for some reason. The game seems to be going down well though, so we'll definitely be thinking about Bomboozle 3, although it could be another year or so before that happens - we've got a stack of other ideas to get through first. :)


Really fun game to play. The art and Gameplay makes it alot more exiting then your average puzzle game. The achievments are very challenginq. I'd say you did a perfect job with this one.

Megadev responds:

Cheers - I might have been a bit too evil with some of the medals, but everyone enjoys a challenge eh? ;)


Man, really, this game is awesome. The art and the music...perfect.
Just perfect. And listen, this has to be one of the coolest games on Newgrounds.
And medals! Really, I think you did great on this game.
Keep up the great work!

Megadev responds:

Thanks for the compliments! :)

It' pretty good.

You know, I usually don't like these kind of games, but this game is making me kinda addictive to it... but I don't know why. Maybe because of the blobs, that are just cute, or because of the guy next to your board... Anyways, you're game has great graphics. The music is pretty cool too, until the moment comes where you start to feel annoyed. But that's in almost every game. Yeah, that's it from me I guess. Keep it up with your works^^

Great game!

Really fun and addicting game, I cant stop playing!
I love the graphics, its cute!

Well done!