Reviews for "Dawn of the Living."


and very funny, loved the animation good job

That Ep.

i really laughed when I thought that Human was a zombie ,ROFL

Really good

The kind of thing I always thought about but you actually made it :P I really like those kind of videos if you could keep on I'm going to subscrime myself to your video.

I saw quite a lot of humor in this.

after so many games about humans and them stopping the zombies, it'd be fun to play a game with the zombies trying to stop the humans.

I know how it started...

After two zombies experimented with making out, their deadly breath collided, and because two negatives make a positive (or something like that), it turned into healing gas, reviving the two lovers. They realized that they were both boys and then plotted to bring back the living, and spread the reign of homosexuality around the world. The zombies, homophobic and unbelievably stupid, began to panic and attack each other, creating more of the healing gas from bites to the face. Thus the rule of humanity started all over again with the two monarchs, Adam and Eve. But Eve's a dude this time. That's a scary thought...