Reviews for "Dawn of the Living."


It was really good to see a change of pace in the zombie area! Really creative and bright. The comedy was on par too, everything was on the money. Keep up the good work and producing great work like this.... maybe a Dawn of the Living 2. ??

Good to mix stuff up

The art was ok I guess, but it was slow and stuff... It is a funny idea tho.

loved it

you see so many zombie films now that the reverse situation its just hilarious

Really good

The kind of thing I always thought about but you actually made it :P I really like those kind of videos if you could keep on I'm going to subscrime myself to your video.


I like the idea behind this as a parody, but it wasn't thought out too well in my opinion. The impulse of a zombie is to eat brains in this. They're eating "brain flakes" and a human appears. First impulse would be to eat the human. In the absolute best case scenario of this animation is that the zombies have become a sort of civilized type of zombie that eats artificial food and have been sensitized through years of no humans. This animation has potential if the plot was more thought out. Overall, the jokes were really funny and it had good animation since it was 8-bit(I'm biased towards 8-bit because I love Nintendo). Good flash, needs tweaking though.