Reviews for "Dawn of the Living."


Greatness! This made me lol :3

note to kill shrooms

they DO have a seris of video games on new grounds alled sonny where yur a zombie beting up humans. an intelgant zombie and you wind up a hero to boot, with some zombie comrades.

goo flash tho, made me lol.

absolutely amazing!!!

you are an absolute genius!!!!! who would have thought to switch the places of infected & human? htis is definitely a winner

I saw quite a lot of humor in this.

after so many games about humans and them stopping the zombies, it'd be fun to play a game with the zombies trying to stop the humans.


But how can the zombies turn into humans and why not just eat the humans brains also if the world was ruled by zombies how did they get the brains for the brain flakes?