Reviews for "Cold metal"


that was pretty cool, it reminded me of music from Command & Conquer. Cool as fook!

sorohanro responds:

thanx for review and good marks.


More like this please! Some things where a bit undergoing in the mix but that wasn't to bad. Like GoreBastard wrote, something there sounded like a bit Command & Conquer. The screaming guitar was a nice touch. Good job!

sorohanro responds:

ok,ok... i will remix and master that again.thanx for review.well...thanx for 5 my works.

Maybe because I'm more of a metal person anyway...

Well, the intro was a bit too long and some of it was too choked, but other than that it was really good.

sorohanro responds:

maby i'll cut from intro some bars ... maby ...

this is what i like to hear

A metal song that doesn't focus on the guitar and drums etc. only.
Also the electronic sounds go very well with the song.

But I couldn't agree more about the intro.

sorohanro responds:

what's everybody having with my biuuuuutyfull intro ?
well, thanx for review
glad you like it... (don't tell anyone, i might cut som bars from the intro)

*Giggles hysterically*

Awesome song. I felt the intro was a tad too long but the metal definitely made up for it. This would go perfectly with a fight scene full to the brim with carnage. >:D
Favourited! Long live the greatest genre!

sorohanro responds:

he he ... thanx
this is quite old stuff, well, i guess i'll make some more metal stuff when i'll have some time ;)