Reviews for "Cold metal"

Forget jazz.

I like jazz as much as the next guy..^^But...nicely done on the metal front, man. I like it alot. Good drudge, Good tone..well played. Was that a drum kit? or real drums? Sounded awesome, man. The use of the synths was a really nice touch. Great song.\m/

sorohanro responds:

thanx.guitars i recorded myself on my computer but everythyng else was made in Reason...well the song was longer,with some clean guitars too but i had to make it shorter...you know...so...that is the first review ,thanx again for that

As a real professional musician..

..you're 360 rounded, or almost.
You play trumpets in jazz bands at night then you take in hand your guitar and spread rage in your chords!
Really great! :)
Cool (double) bendings!
And nice work on Reason too..

sorohanro responds:

thanx. you'r very kind.after getting home from Lithuania(30 september)i will remix that...

sweet bit of melodic heaviness..

if i was being critical, i would say the rhythm guitar sounds a little to soft and not horribly trebbily enough for my taste(or lack of)- but that would be all i could think of criticizing. great track, and im a long intro man myself and therefore must defend your long into! a long intro makes the intense bit sound all the more intense.

sorohanro responds:

listen to him, he knows what is saying, he's a very good musician !
thanx for review, i really apreciate (and finally someone defend my biuuuuutyfull intro)

Good track

The intro wasn't too long, as people say, it was good, really pretty and well-written.
The rhythm guitar wasn't too good, you could've added some mids/highs, just a bit, and made the bass less 'twangy' by adding some lows and removing some mids, it would've added more depth to the whole track.
Drums aren't too bad, the electronic bits could've been a bit louder.

Good stuff though, man, I listened to your other stuff, and it's all good.

I would've mind if you checked out some of my (latest) stuff either ;)

sorohanro responds:

thanx for review
this is quite old and i did what i could about tracks... didn't want to re-record ...
i might check later on your stuff ;)

why r people writing crap about the intro

i think that the extremly pretty intro blances out the kickass screeching. an amazing mix of metal rock intrumental lines and electronic noises. im gona rate this 5/5 and 10/10! BTW i love that ending

sorohanro responds:

Thanx man, thanx.
I'll remake it one of these days, I have a better guitar and a better gear to support my ideas now ;)