Reviews for "Achievement Unlocked 2"

You sick bastard

You evil evil man. You just had to do it did ya? YA CREATED ANOTHER!
More sleepless nights for me trying to get all the achievements....


I won. :D Thankyou for the 1250 points lolz and I got a nice picture of an elephant. :D
The ending was epic.

Creative & Vintage

This was a very creative game,the concept was awesome with you having to go up & down 5 floors having to do 250 achievements throughout and seeing how fast you can accomplish it in all in good clean fun (it took me 50 minutes the first time).the animation was vintage and fit the beta style perfectly along with some great music i also got a kick out of the ending message,overall i had a great time with this game and hope you guys make a third in the future. :)


This Is Too Addictive

Lol, crud, can't finish, disabled my Capslock key a long time ago and too lazy to undo it for this game.