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Reviews for "Achievement Unlocked 2"


Here's the trick to get employees to do more work with less griping . . . give them pointless random achievements for doing random things, and then they will do everything to try and get achievements!!!! the corporate world is mine >:D

I loved the final achievement.

It was beautiful, artistic, and unexpected. I've played this before, but that was special.

So Happy!

So Happy! is done by typing in ":-)" for everyone who wants to know.
Be sure to have your keyboard set to English(USA). I did that by pressing [alt]+[shift] simultaneously.

Better than the original!

10/10, 5 stars, A+, S-rank, SUPER AWESOME FANTASTICO!
Took me 37 minutes and I wasn't logged in so I got no points.

I revisited my childhood and finally achieved all the medals.

-Hail Cobra